How versatile are these delicious cakes , also anything is possible. Beautifully presented in pretty cup cake cases and / or wrappers to suit all kinds
of occasions. Mini cupcakes for children’s parties or wedding favours, regular cupcakes  for all occasions, to  giant cupcakes that bring the fun element
to any event.  Most things we can do so please call us with your ideas and get a quote.
. . .
With so many flavours you will be spoilt for choice . . .
Minty Choc - chocolate sponge mint Aero chips Vanilla - vanilla sponge, classic favourite
Oranges or Lemons - tangy lemon or orange sponge Peanut & Caramel - chopped caramel coated peanuts
Coffee & Walnut - chopped walnuts in coffee sponge Ginger Spice - ginger sponge with ginger nibbles
Rich Chocolate - dark rich sponge with chocolate chip Strawberry Red - red sponge and a dollop of jam
Buttercream - vanilla, lemon, orange, coffee, chocolate, peppermint Cream Cheese Frosting - lemon, orange, vanilla, marshmallow, coffee
Fresh Cream - great on its own or flavoured with brandy, amaretto or whiskey Fondant Icing - in all colours
Fresh Seasonal Fruit  
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