We are a family business operating in Cheshire and Yorkshire who are dedicated to making cakes and meringues that have that fresh home baked taste. Our quality cakes contain no additives or preservatives. They are baked to order and made from fresh local produce wherever possible so you can really taste the difference. The same principles apply to our new mincemeat range.

So many people said our mincepies were delicious due to us making our own mincemeat – Apricot & Rum, Cherry & Brandy, and Almond & Amaretto,  that we decided to sell it by the jar. Mincemeat  isn’t just for Christmas it’s for any time, if you would like some of our mincemeat recipes or would like to buy a jar please send us an email, and you can enjoy these special rich fruity flavours all the year round in lots and lots of ways.

Whatever the occasion our cakes, cupcakes and meringues help make your event or party a special one no matter how big or small.
If you can’t find what you want please contact us and we can give you an individual quote for whatever you fancy.
Elaine in Cheshire is the main point of contact while Linda runs the Yorkshire side of the business.

Just call or email to chat about your requirements.

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