Delicious, light and airy mouth-watering meringues in several flavours: plain, hazelnut, lemon, peanut & caramel, raspberry & rosewater and mint & chocolate. Sandwich with cream and drizzle with blackcurrant coulis, serve with fresh fruit or just eat as they are - absolutely yummy!

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If you want them to eat yourself, they come 6 in a bag or for a special gift, we have 6 meringues in either a bag with gift tag or 6 in cupcases
and boxed with a gift tag for you to send with love.

Meringues in mini cupcases make wonderful wedding favours to eat just as they are. They can be made to match your colour theme -
pink, blue, lemon or mint green and sprinkled with glitter dust. Please call for more details and a quotation.

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