So many people loved the mincemeat  we used in our cakes and bakes we decided to sell it by the jar!

Our own recipe mincemeat range was born! They are is rich in vine fruits, toasted nuts and fresh fruit juices, enriched with alcohol and  all carefully blended to produce delicious flavours to be enjoyed all year round not just at Christmas. Used traditionally in mincepies and baked apples , mincemeat can be used in many other ways  - email us for a list of recipes. If you have any favourite mincemeat recipes  please let us know  and we will pass it on to other bakers. If you would like to order a jar please get in touch. Catering packs are also available.

Almond & Amaretto
Cherry & Brandy
Apricot & Rum
If you love almonds, this is the one for you. Vine fruits soaked in the sweet flavoured almond liquer Amaretto, mixed with a generous amount of flaked almonds. Red cherries, flaked almonds, lots of plump sultanas, raisins, nuts and a variety of exotic spices blended with the finest cherry brandy. Smooth and sweet golden orange apricots plus other vine fruits mixed with rich dark brown sugar, nuts all enhanced by the distinctive flavour of dark rum.
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