From traditional victoria sponge filled with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam to a newbie, peanut & caramel sponge layered with peanut buttercream and glace’ icing. Lemon drizzle with the sweet tang of fresh lemons and rich chocolate and lime cake filled with lime buttercream and sprinkled with chocolate shavings. Swap buttercream to fresh cream and really indulge yourself!

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With so many delicious cakes you won’t know what to choose. These 8” round double layer cakes easily cuts into 8 generous portions.

Victoria Sponge
(jam and buttercream dusted with icing sugar)
Coffee & Walnut
(coffee buttercream layer piped with buttercream topped with nuts)
Carrot Cake
(cream cheese frosting covered in toasted coconut and piped)
Almond & Orange
(Orange buttercream layer piped & decorated with toasted almonds)
Chocolate & Lime
(Lime buttercream layer piped and decorated chocolate shavings)
Peanut & Caramel
(Vanilla buttercream layer topped with glace’ icing & chopped nuts)
Lemon /Orange /Lime Drizzle (1lb and 2lb) Loaf Cakes  - lovely moist cake impregnated with fruity syrup

Our muffins are mouth-wateringly moist and crumbly for those who prefer a plainer cake. We sell these in batches of 12 in one flavour pick from Lemon, Cranberry, Blueberry , Pecan or Apple & Cinnamon.  If you don’t eat them all at once  they freeze very well!

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